Mostly gaming “Trading Card Game” cards that have a holographic surface. (Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, Yugioh, etc.)

Some sports cards that have a holographic surface will benefit from our restoration solution. Our TCG Care Care Cleaning Spray can be used on almost all cards to help remove blemishes , fingerprints, and dirt. If your still unsure please contact support for specific cards questions.

We don’t recommend using the restoration solution on anything except holographic surfaces.

For best results we recommend using the cleaning spray on each card before applying the restoration solution. The cleaning spray helps remove any excess debris on the surface and helps prep for restoring.

Although it is incredibly rare, absolutely. Using any solution on material as delicate as a trading card comes with risk, no matter how safe the ingredients are. If the clear coat surface layer is badly broken, over worn, or has a manufacturing defect that exposes the ink layer then further damage to the card can occur. Knowing what to look for comes with testing and experience. Because of this, we recommend practicing on lower end cards until you know what to look for. Unfortunately, you are responsible for your cards and have to make the calls as to whether to use any product on them. If you are unsure about a specific card, reach out to our support team before doing the application. If you decide to not contact our support first, then do not risk a card that you can’t afford to damage further.

The restoration solution will restore diminishing glare on holographic surfaces which will reduce if not remove most micro scratches.

We recommended no more than one to two cleanings with the restoration solution for best results.

Our formula is unscented and leaves zero residue if done correctly.

Our restoration solution isn’t a polish or wax like most of the products on the market. Most polishes and waxes leave an oily and/or smelly residue that is usually noticeable. Out of all of the products that we have tested, nothing compares to our restoration solution.

We do not recommend grading restored cards. While we have not had any issues grading cards that have used our products and when used as intended, our products do not remain on the card, grading companies will turn away customers that they detect or even suspect are using card restoration products. Even cards that were restored by previous owners or where lesser quality restoration products were used could cause submissions to be rejected and grading accounts to be banned. Hopefully in the near future, these companies will release an official card restoration service like they do with comic books. Until then, grade at your own risk.

Yes, we do offer bulk wholesale discounts. Please reach out to our support team to set up a wholesale account.

Still have questions?

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