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Magic: The Gathering Card Collection Binder

Oh to be a trading card collector… Whether it’s collecting Pokemon, Magic: The Gathering or Yugioh cards that bring back the nostalgia from years ago or a new generation discovering the thrill of opening a sealed pack and praying to the card gods for the pull of a lifetime.

In either case, the hobby of trading card collecting is most certainly thriving and making money with the most popular trading card games is nothing new. From trading for personal collecting to selling for the money, from online marketplaces to the local card shop or at card shows. There are many ways that collectors have taken their love of a game to the next level. Seeking the rarest cards in the best conditions to maximize their profit potential.

TCG Cards Condition & Value

When it comes to card conditions though, trading cards are quite delicate and the very nature of the hobby itself makes the odds of keeping a card in pristine condition dwindle as it gets traded from one collector to the next or actually used at some point to play the game it was created for. The slightest scratch or blemish can take tens to thousands of dollars off a cards value.

Trading Card Restoration 

Until recently, restoring cards to a better condition has been a rare process. While this process remains to be heavily debated in the different trading card communities, the reality is that it has been done for decades in every industry known to man and for quite some time in the trading card industry.

Not only can restoration add value to your collection but it can increase your profit potential if you buy, sell or trade cards.

The problem with restoration for trading cards is that firstly it is usually offered as a service by so-called “restoration experts” with a starting price tag of $25 per a card and requiring you to send your valuable trading cards out to be restored. Secondly, after testing many services and kits available on the market, the cards were either left with a smell or residue from using materials that were originally made for other industries or they produced minimal results.

The TCG Card Care Solution

We here at TCG Card Care set out to develop not just a solution to those problems but the best solution and one specifically made for trading cards.

Unlike other trading card restoration kits or services, our TCG Card Care Restoration Solution is not a typical wax, polish or conditioner. It stands out in a category all on it’s own and is free of harmful & abrasive chemicals, artificial colors and fragrance.  

Best of all, it can be safely done by any collector without having to send your cards to anyone else and for a small fraction of what restoration services cost!

Not only have we put it to the test firsthand with many increased value trades but our customers have shared their success stories of doing the same time and time again. Try it for yourself, the results are simply amazing!

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