How to restore trading cards

How to restore pokemon cards Brock's Rhydon

In this article we’re going to go through the steps of how to restore your trading card using our TCG Card Care Restoration Solution.

Step 1:

Place card on the TCG Card Care Cleaning Mat or a padded surface for safe cleaning.

Pokemon card restoration Brock's Rhydon Step 1

Step 2:

Use a TCG Card Care Applicator to apply a small amount of our TCG Card Care Restoration Solution on the tip of the sponge.

Restoring pokemon cards Brock's Rhydon Step 2

Step 3:

Gently apply the restoration solution onto the holographic surface that needs to be restored using the applicator.

Pokemon card holographic restoration Brock's Rhydon Step 3

Step 4:

Use the TCG Card Care Microfiber Cloth to gently massage the solution onto the holographic surface while applying medium pressure. Continue to massage and wipe away until all solution is gone.

Pokemon restored card Brock's Rhydon Step 4

Step 5:

Check for any spots missed then repeat previous steps if needed. (Scratches that are too deep and that have broke the top layer of ink are permanent and can’t be restored)

Congratulations, your card should now be restored. If you have any other questions please check our FAQ or contact our support team.

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